Reduce the high prevalence of domestic violence and other related human rights violations in Bangladesh.


Gender & Human Rights Protection

Women are deprived of their rights in the society and the DV is an unrecognized offence. To address Human Rights especially Domestic Violence (DV) issues at community and family level, SJA has been implementing Protecting Human Rights (PHR) project at the five unions of Balagonj Upazila under Sylhet District. The PHR is one of the most important projects in response to establishing equal gender access and to end VAW at community & family level. With the assistance of Plan Bangladesh the project become operational from May 2012.


Reduce the high prevalence of domestic violence and other related human rights violations in Bangladesh.

Project Objectives:

– Conduct advocacy for adoption and enforcement of key Domestic Violence (DV) and Human Rights (HR) legislation and policies.

– Improve mutual understanding and effectiveness among key factors involved in combating DV and strengthening other interwoven HR issues.

– Increase willingness of survivors to seek and access to justice through formal and informal justice system.

– Expand immediate and longer supports to survivors of DV.

– Raise awareness on DV and related HR issues at national and local levels.


Component 1- Advocacy:

Enhance advocacy efforts of civil society organizations and coalitions to support the adoption and enforcement of laws and policies that prevent domestic violence and associated human rights abuses against women, children and other vulnerable groups.

Component 2- Capacity Building:

Strengthen the capacity of key actors to investigate and monitor domestic violence and other human rights violations and enable the survivors to combat domestic issues.

Component 3- Access to Justice:

Increase access to justice for abused women and other vulnerable groups through informal and formal mechanisms, including Alternative Dispute Regulation (ARD).

Component 4- Survivors Services:

Provide support for survivors’ services of domestic violence and other human rights abuses. PHR will provide support to local non-government organizations to strengthen, expand and sustain social service.

Component 5- Mass Awareness and Educational Campaign:

Expand public awareness and implement an educational campaign to increase understanding of human rights, with particular emphasis on the impact of domestic violence.

Stakeholders: The survivors of domestic violence community & and religious leaders, public representatives, partner NGOs, civil servants, police, judges, medical staff, policy makers, academics, researchers, HR defenders/prosecutors, journalists, students and youth groups are addressed as stakeholders of this project.

Collaborate with BNWLA for legal service provide to survivors: SJA will continue to work in collaboration with BNWLA for legal service provide to survivors.